If you have a child protection or safeguarding concern about your own or any other child in school, please contact Miss L Hall as soon as possible on 01670 812360 or 01670 812324. If Miss Hall is not available, please state that your query is of a safeguarding nature and we will ensure that the deputy safeguarding lead is available to speak to you. Alternatively, please call in to either site, reporting initially to the school office.   Safeguarding is our highest priority.


Who to talk to: 

If you would like to speak to a member of staff regarding your child, then their class teacher is the suggested first port of call for updates on achievements, behaviour and general wellbeing.


The following staff are also available to help with any queries you may have:

Mrs A. Parker – Early Years – Phase Leader (01670 812324)

Miss C. Deal – KS1 – Phase Leader (01670 812324)

Mrs L. Johnson – Assistant Headteacher – Lower Site (01670 812324)

Mr A. Kemp – Assistant Headteacher – Upper Site (01670 812360)


If you have any queries regarding school meals, admissions, payments or any administrative information, please contact the school offices or ‘contact us’ using the contact us form on the school website.

For enquiries regarding wraparound, please contact Mrs Miller on 01670 812360. 



If you would like to discuss a particular special need (SEND), please contact Mrs Humble who is our SENCO. Mrs Humble is also ably supported by Miss McFall and Mrs Wild who may be able to help with your enquiry. Mrs Humble can be contacted via the lower site school office – 01670 812324.



For a discussion or any queries regarding your child’s attendance, please contact Mrs Arkle – 01670 812360.


Pupil Premium 

If you would like to talk to us about pupil premium provision, please ring the upper site on 01670 812360 and leave a message for Mrs Rochester.


Trust Leadership Team 

Head Of School, Bothal Primary School –  Miss L. Hall

Executive Principal – Mr A. Roberts

Chair of Governors – Mrs Leigh Elliott


All staff are available for appointments should it not be practical to see them before or after school – please contact the main school office.


Staffing List

Staff List March 2018