School Performance Data 

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School Performance Tables

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Early Years Foundation Stage

  • 74% of pupils in Reception attained a Good Level of Development against the Early Years framework. This is in line with the predicted national average and represents a five year trend of improvement since the time of the school’s last inspection.
  • A Good Level of Development is defined as children working at the expected standard or exceeding the expected standard in the key areas of literacy, maths, physical development, communication and language and personal, social and emotional development.


Year One Phonic Screening

  • 87% of pupils in Year One attained the expected standard in the Phonic Screening test. Since the time of the school’ last inspection, phonics results have been consistently above the national average.


Key Stage One

Reading expected 74%
Reading greater depth 20%
Writing expected 67%
Writing greater depth 13%
Maths expected 75%
Maths greater depth 19%

Key Stage Two

The results of the SATs (tests) are reported using a scaled score, where a score of 100 represents the expected standard. In addition to these measures and in line with requirements, we have reported the percentage of children achieving a High Standard. Year 6 pupils were assessed in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling as well as maths.

Reading expected 68%
Reading high standard 18%
Reading average scaled score 103.2
Writing expected 77%
Writing high standard 16%
Maths expected 54%
Maths high standard 11%
Maths average scaled score 100.1
Reading progress -3.10
Maths progress -0.60
Writing progress -5.30
% reading, writing and mathematics 43%