Literacy At Bothal Primary

At Bothal Primary School we teach children to develop their love of literature through
widespread reading and writing. We offer a balanced and creative, yet systematic, approach to the teaching of Literacy throughout the school; one which provides children with a teaching and application of phonics, alongside a focus on exploring comprehension, meaning and reading enjoyment. Through reading and writing, children study a range of genres that deepen their understanding of their current topic.


‘If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.’ – J K Rowling

At Bothal Primary, we encourage children to love books, to love reading, to love finding out
information and to love sharing stories together. We believe reading is a life enhancing skill that is the entitlement of every child.

We start to teach reading in Little Learners and Nursery – this involves handling books, sharing stories, talking about books, including books on our displays, labelling areas and objects in the classroom and basic phonic recognition. Children are also encouraged to borrow books for story sharing sessions at home. These approaches are continued into Reception, with children also progressing onto daily phonics lessons in small groups, where they are taught using a systematic,synthetic phonic approach, called Read Write Inc. (RWI). RWI is the prime strategy to develop word recognition. Children also begin to complete weekly Guided Reading sessions, which continue throughout the school until they leave Year 6. At all stages teachers plan a series of reading activities for pupils to complete to enable them to read and comprehend a range of different texts.

This small group approach is continued throughout the school, with children being taught in a
levelled, phased approach in order to ensure they have very targeted and appropriate support
and challenge at all times. The expectation is that they will have secured word recognition skills and be fluent readers, with good comprehension, by the end of Key Stage 1.
We offer a range of structured reading and early phonic interventions for those children who
require further support and assistance in any area of Literacy. This support continues throughout Key Stage 2 and includes RWI provision, 1:1 tutoring and Launch Pad to Literacy in small group sessions.

At the beginning of Key Stage 2, children complete the Salford Reading Test, which determines the age they are reading at and allows teachers to find them a suitable reading book either from one of our schemes, including the Oxford Reading scheme, or a ‘Free Reader’ from the library if children are reading above the age of eleven years and three months. Children are also supported through our ‘Accelerated Reader’ scheme which develops their fluency and understanding of a wide range of texts. Books are levelled, allowing teachers to gradually increase the challenge offered to children, whilst maintaining the correct level of support to allow each child a sense of achievement and aid their reading comprehension.

We ask all children across the school to read at home at least three times per week. Parental involvement in reading is encouraged with home-school reading diaries aiding two-way communication. We hold a variety of reading workshops over the year to share information about how reading skills are taught in school and ways in which children can be supported at home.


At Bothal Primary we are driven by the need to develop each learner’s writing ability, thus
enabling them to play a full part in society.

From mark-making in Little Learners and Nursery to extended writing across the curriculum
in Year 6, the teaching and learning of writing is an engaging and developmental process.
We strive to include cross-curricular links wherever possible in order to build well-rounded
writers, who can write in an appropriate and engaging manner for a range of purposes and
audiences. As you browse our web pages, we are sure that you will be struck by the
fantastic commitment of our pupils in developing this most important life-skill.
All children from Reception to Year 6 receive spellings to learn every week. In addition, Key
Stage 2 pupils receive homework based on the National Curriculum’s statutory
requirements of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. All weekly homework is a
consolidation of children’s learning that week and is designed to support children with their
memory and recall.

Please help us support your child with their reading and writing through encouraging
them to use their memory to complete homework.

You will find copies of Key Stage 2’s homework here, and the weekly spellings are available
on the plans.

Watch this space for photographs and more information on our ‘Drop and Read’ sessions,
an activity all children in Key Stage 2 have thoroughly enjoyed.

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