At Bothal Primary School the children learn to read and write through the use of a synthetic
phonics programme. We use Read, Write Inc. to equip children with the early reading and
writing skills they need. The programme also develops speaking and listening,
comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. Children are grouped across Key
Stage 1 so they work with other children at the same level. Further information on how to
support your child’s reading at home can be found below:

This Read, Write Inc. programme is used in Early Years and Key Stage 1 to ensure all
children have access to good quality phonics teaching. Phonics books are closely matched
to the increasing knowledge of phonics and ‘tricky’ words and, as children re-read the
stories, their fluency increases. When writing the children rehearse out loud what they want
to say, before spelling the words using the sounds and tricky words they know. Within Read,
Write Inc. sessions children carry out a range of activities including speed sounds, ‘my turn,
your turn’ reading and ‘hold a sentence’.

Reading scheme

The reading scheme that has been developed at Bothal Primary School contains a range of
books, including Read, Write Inc. phonics books and colour banded books inclusive of
Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds and TreeTops. These books are closely matched to the
individual child to ensure that children’s reading progresses at a steady rate. The children
are regularly assessed for understanding and their book level is moved accordingly. We ask
all children across the school to read at home at least three times per week. Children are
supplied with a school planner to ensure good home school links.

Opportunities for reading

In addition to Read, Write Inc. lessons the children in key stage 1 read regularly in other
areas of the curriculum and other parts of the school day through:
Guided reading – teachers work with small groups of children to teach specific and targeted
reading skills in a book that is sufficiently challenging.
Reading across the curriculum – children read a range of materials and books linked to other
areas of their learning.
Class novel – books are read to children for them to hear good examples of reading aloud
and to develop an enthusiasm for reading books themselves.
All children are able to take books home to read with an adult, this shared learning will help
children to practice their skills and develop a lifelong love of reading.