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Languages teaching in the Ashington Learning Partnership reflects our guiding principles of partnership and opportunity and our focus on communication as a key skill for life.  Learning a foreign language is a way to open up our pupils’ understanding of the world.  It should allow pupils to develop their curiosity and equip children for a future in a globally connected workplace.

The languages curriculum for the Ashington Learning Partnership focuses on French as its primary language. In addition to this, there are opportunities as a school to celebrate the growing diversity of our pupils and the languages they speak.  

In EYFS and KS1, pupils are exposed to languages during drop down afternoons which seek to develop their understanding of other cultures as well as teaching basic greetings and vocabulary.

 Formal lessons begin in KS2; we believe that pupils benefit from having a solid grasp of vocabulary and grammatical structures in their own language as this lays the foundations for successful language learning as they progress throughout school. In KS2, the schemes of work for languages have a focus on developing pupils’ understanding of vocabulary, grammatical structures and the key phonic differences between English and French while developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.