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Little Learners

2 Year Olds at ‘Little Learners @ Bothal’

We are a setting with a purpose built building including an enclosed outdoors area, situated in the grounds of ‘Bothal Primary Lower Site’ and specially developed for younger children.

We understand the importance of learning to play in a high quality environment, and value the individuality of each child. We also believe in working in close partnership with parents to make sure every child is cared for, happy, healthy and safe.

Our Aims:

To develop a love of reading and books with children and families 

To create a high quality service of care for children and their families.

To provide and promote a warm, caring, learning and living environment, both indoors and outdoors.

To enable children to reach their full potential by allowing them to develop enquiring minds, a positive attitude and physical skills.

To encourage all infants to become confident, independent, co-operative and good communicators. 

The unit is staffed by fully qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals and we are committed to creating a loving, happy and stimulating environment which responds to the needs of enthusiastic and inquisitive children.